Some times I should video

Occasionally I try to shoot video. Albeit I need A LOT of practice.  This was entirely with an iPhone X along with the new DJI Osmo Mobile II, and post processed using Adobe Premiere Pro. I tried to use Da Vinci Resolve, but I’m less comfortable with that than I am Premiere which I have only the most basic understanding. Although I might just have to move to something more on my level. Apple’s iMovie! Seriously its a lot more powerful and functional than most people give it credit for. Anyways, here you are. The “Stone Bridge”

Path into Fall

Hi Everyone! 

It’s been a bit since I’ve posted anything, and it seems I’ve been posting more landscape and nature than anything else. (Seriously though I love portrait photography too) This past weekend, I was able to take some time and enjoy local hiking here in Virginia. Went with a friend to the Stone Bridge in the Manassas Battlefields. It was a damp Fall Sunday, but it was a nice day actually. A little chill and rain doesn’t normally stop me from getting out. Along the trail I came across these trees along the trail. So with out further ado, welcome to Fall. 

Until next time,


Harvest Moon

Hi folks, 

Well its that time of year, or better yet it “was” that time of year. Friday evening as I understand it was the last night of the Harvest Moon and I was fortunate enough to have a descent view of it near my home. The Harvest Moon has meanings to many, I think if you’re into Astrology it is in the sign of Aries. (Not so sure what that means)  The Harvest Moon took on a new meaning for me, and I’m pretty happy to discover it. 

As I setup my gear to photograph the moon; Nikon D800, Gitzo tripod and ballhead, and a Tamron 200-500mm lens for those wondering. Now that I think about it I probably could have tossed on a 1.4 multiplier. Oh well, maybe I will keep that in mind for next year. 

Back to my “discovery”, while setting up I had noticed a handful of people, neighbors I believe also outside taking in the moon spectacle as I was. Most of them with their phone cameras I might add. They were all talking amongst each other, pointing at the moon, laughing and otherwise why enjoying a nice evening out. After taking a few shots, adjusting settings as I went along, three different neighbors stopped to ask what I was doing. Each of them stayed for just a minute or two. I learned one of their names, but what was important here is that the Harvest Moon, brought people outdoors, I was able to meet and chat with my neighbors, people I might not have spoken to previously. 

Maybe there is something to the celestial thing, I don’t know. I was happy to meet my neighbors, and I got a pretty neat shot of the Moon. 

Until next time,


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