Some times I should video

Occasionally I try to shoot video. Albeit I need A LOT of practice.  This was entirely with an iPhone X along with the new DJI Osmo Mobile II, and post processed using Adobe Premiere Pro. I tried to use Da Vinci Resolve, but I’m less comfortable with that than I am Premiere which I have only the most basic understanding. Although I might just have to move to something more on my level. Apple’s iMovie! Seriously its a lot more powerful and functional than most people give it credit for. Anyways, here you are. The “Stone Bridge”

Path into Fall

Hi Everyone! 

It’s been a bit since I’ve posted anything, and it seems I’ve been posting more landscape and nature than anything else. (Seriously though I love portrait photography too) This past weekend, I was able to take some time and enjoy local hiking here in Virginia. Went with a friend to the Stone Bridge in the Manassas Battlefields. It was a damp Fall Sunday, but it was a nice day actually. A little chill and rain doesn’t normally stop me from getting out. Along the trail I came across these trees along the trail. So with out further ado, welcome to Fall. 

Until next time,


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