Haitian OPS and a Photographer

A long time ago, in what seems like a life-time ago. I was fortunate enough to have access to a 35mm Canon SLR. (I’m a Nikon Guy today) :-) It may have been a Canon T-80 as well, although I’m not entirely sure. What is important though, is that there is an image I shot that I believe is what started me down the photography path, or at least in a more serious way. 

I do think back on this image, and what it meant to me then and what it means to me today. There are a few reasons that I took up photography but this image in particular always pulls me back.  

So I feel a little background is needed to put this in some sort of context. In late April of 1991 (yeah a long time ago), while I was in the US Coast Guard, my ship, the Cutter Tahoma was engaged in rescue and repatriation operations and took onboard 455 Haitians. The physical and emotional stress that affected my shipmates wasn’t something I had witnessed before. Yet it was nothing compared to what our reluctant passengers were experiencing.  

I’ve tried to order the images chronologically or at least as best I can remember. I apologize for the less than optimized images, but I also hopes it gives you some idea of what myself and my old shipmates witnessed. 

For a little more of that particular operation there are two articles pertaining to it you can find here, one from the UPI.COM and the Washington Post

Until next time and thank you for indulging me. 


It is this image that I think about often

Shrooms In The Woods

Hi folks, 

So I’ve been spending a little more time in the woods and maybe I’m having a temporary fascination with Mushrooms. I admit spending more time outdoors has been good for me. It’s provided me some much needed getting back to nature time. Additionally it’s helped me to remember that some times the cool stuff isn’t up, but down. :-) 

So for those of you that are into ‘Shrooms’ this is for you. 

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A Walk In The Woods

To continue my walk in the woods. I think we all like to think to ourselves just how we should get out into nature more often. How it can be soothing and perhaps insightful if we see something interesting. For me, it’s pretty much the same as it is with everyone else. Most recently I think about the last person I went hiking with here. Then I think about a host of other people, all of whom have somehow managed to enter my thoughts. Such as, could I survive out in the forest like Les Stroud of Survivorman?  :-) Also I though about the person who once said I wasn’t a “technical hiker” I took this as a fair observation, and something to think about. As it happens it’s the reason for my backpack, my new hiking rain jacket, and my new hiking boots that are now next on my list of purchases. I think of the very first time I went to Conway Robinson Forest. I know who I was with, what I even had for lunch and where. I wonder what that person is up too and hope they are well. 

I get lost in thought, sometimes about photography, what new toy I want rather than need. But I do NEED a drone. :-) I’ve got one in mind, and it might end up being an early Christmas gift to myself. 

But most of all, I wonder about my place in nature. I don’t have any answers, just more questions. I like to think having questions isn’t so bad. Maybe that’s part of the magic of nature, perhaps it why we think so much in between the moments of awe. 

Thank you to the person I first went to Conway Robinson with. Thank you to the one who said I wasn’t a “technical hiker” I’m getting there and I’m learning. Thank you to my bestest buddy, for being you. 

As the great physicist said.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better” 
                                                           Albert Einstein

Until next time,


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