Bark Mushrooms

Hiya folks, 

Happy Labor to all of you. Today I took some time and thought I’d take a stroll through the woods, or in this case forest, Conway Robinson Forest right in Gainesville, VA. 

I didn’t get very far before I saw this interesting gem and thought I’d share it with you all. For as many time as I’ve been into the woods, I hadn’t bothered to figure out why these apparently deadly mushrooms grow on trees. Well as bad luck would have it for the tree, they are the “fruit” of a fungus that eventually will hollow out a tree and subsequently kill the tree. It’s probably best to not let mushrooms grow on you then. :-)

Until next time,


Viking At The Lake

Hi Everyone!

Sometimes I like to think I’m an ok photographer who often gets lucky and some really interesting people end up in front of my camera and make me look a lot better than I perhaps am. 

The other day I happened to have yet another interesting person step in front of my camera and let me do my thing while she did her thing. I was interested in doing a shoot and just so happens this Viking texted me about some shoot ideas and I jumped at the chance. We made a plan of sorts, I grabbed my camera and we agreed to meet at Silver Lake with some general ideas of what we were going to do. As luck would have it, it rained most of the time.  We sat around in the car waiting for the rain to pass and decided to shoot in between the rain drops.  Here are a few of the results. 

More to follow.

Until next time, 


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