Great Falls In The Rain

Hi everyone! Well thanks to a one Mr. Christian, I’ve been inspired to devote more time to landscape work. 

It just so happens that I had an opportunity to go to the Maryland side of Great Falls. The weather wasn’t as ideal as you would like for an outdoor adventure, but when you’re with great company you don’t tend to notice little things like rain, clouds, and wind so much. (That was a terribly long sentence too) :-)

Great Falls had a few trails closed off due to the swelling river, but we did manage to get to a few places, climb a few rocks and I got to squeeze off a picture or two. This would be one of those images, I am pondering over the others and we will see what happens in the next few days. 

Until next time,


Time For A New Look

Hey Everyone! So I have been working on a new look and feel for my photography website. I hope you like it and if you don’t please be gentle with me. 

As part of the “new look” I’m offering two people who are local to me a FREE 30 minute portrait/headshot session. (Probably will be little more than 30 mins, but who’s counting.)

I know what you’re thinking, what’s the catch? The catch is, that I’d like to use your beautiful “mug” here and add it to the images of other beautiful people. It means you will need to sign a model release.  The whole process is pretty painless, although the studios lights get a bit warm. 

So - The first two folks to either Direct message me on Facebook or contact me via the “Contact Us” page or heck if you have my cell number already, text me. 

Until next time,


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